My name is JR Fruen. My family has called this place home since before we were officially known as Cupertino. I’m running to create a shared future that we can all be proud of—a sustainable, inclusive Cupertino for tomorrow, where our seniors, families, students, teachers, service workers, and small businesses can proudly continue to call Cupertino home. And I know you are as well. Let’s do this together—in community.

a little bit about myself

I’m a third-generation resident who grew up in our schools, and devoted my life to Cupertino. The Valley of Heart’s Delight brought my family here in 1952. After graduating UCLA, I returned to Silicon Valley because there’s no home like Cupertino. I’m running to make my story possible for future generations.

I have the unique skills and experience to confront our challenges. As an attorney, entrepreneur, and longtime community advocate, I’ve tackled planning decisions, school enrollment, and budgeting. I’ve fought for transparency, fiscal responsibility, and held city leaders accountable. I advanced safer bicycle-pedestrian infrastructure, and won financial support for renters, homeowners, and small businesses to protect residents during the pandemic.


I started my own practice as an entrepreneur and am currently practicing. I got into the law to fight for those who get left behind in our society.

Community advocate

I've been an activist in our community for over 15 years, always speaking out against irresponsible or selfish governance, as well as injustice. I helped found Cupertino for All—a grassroots group focused on creating a more inclusive Cupertino and currently work for a non-profit to provide financial resources for those struggling due to COVID-19.


Cupertino must move forward

Even before COVID-19, Cupertino has been aging in place—not just its people, but the city itself. We are stagnating. Instead of focusing on vilifying individuals and giving into Cupertino’s deep polarizing politics, we need to move forward. It’s no longer about pro vs anti Vallco. It’s about whether or not we are ready to put our differences aside and realize that Cupertino must plan for the future. We need more housing for our teachers, city & service workers, and De Anza College students. We need to maximize transit-oriented development. We need to stimulate our small businesses, and bring in new ones. We need to signal to the rest of the region that we want to work with them, rather than constantly fight for power. With your help, we can chart a new future for our city.

Let's plan for our shared future

How you can help our movement


We are not accepting any corporate or developer dollars. In addition, all campaigning is from-home, and digital campaigns are much more expensive. This means that every contribution—no matter how small—is essential for us doing this thing.


We have small opportunities, such as talking to our campaign to friends and family, or sharing social media posts. And we have bigger opportunities to help out. Everything helps!

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