State senator jim beall

Senator Jim Beall represents District 15 in the State Senate, which encompasses more than half of Santa Clara County, including all of Cupertino. 

County President/VTA Chair Cindy Chavez

Supervisor Chavez is a longtime leader in the South Bay. She currently serves as the President of the County Board of Supervisors for Santa Clara County and the Chair of VTA.

South bay labor council

JR Fruen is supported by essential works. SBLC is the largest union advocacy organization in Silicon Valley.

The Mercury news

The largest news distributor in the San Jose Bay Area.

 Democratic party for santa clara county

Supervisor Susan Ellenberg

Supervisor Ellenberg is a representative on the County Board of Supervisors. 

Cupertino chamber of commerce

JR Fruen is also supported by numerous businesses. The Cupertino Chamber represents businesses in the community. 

League of Conservation voters sCC

The mission of the Santa Clara League of Conservation Voters (SCCLCV) is to endorse and support environmentally oriented candidates and ballot propositions within Santa Clara County.


Evan Low

Assemblymember Low represents Cupertino, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell, and parts of San Jose. 


Ash Kalra

Assemblymember Kalra represents about half of the city of San Jose and quarter of the County as a whole.

Assemblymember Marc berman

Assemblymember Berman represents parts of Cupertino, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, and San Mateo County

Cupertino leaders

8 Former Mayors

  • Rod Sinks (Mayor*, City Council Member —Cupertino)

  • Savita Vaidhyanathan (Mayor*—Cupertino)

  • Dolly Sandoval (Mayor*—Cupertino)

  • Richard Lowenthal (Mayor*—Cupertino)

  • Barry Chang (Mayor*—Cupertino)

  • Sandy James (Mayor*—Cupertino)

  • Orrin Mahoney (Mayor*—Cupertino)

  • Gilbert Wong (Mayor*—Cupertino)


Education Leaders

  • Lori Cunningham (President of the Board, Cupertino Union School District)

  • Jeff Moe (President of the Board, Fremont Union High School District)

  • Pearl Cheng (President of the Board, Foothill-De Anza Board)

  • Patrick Ahrens (Trustee, Foothill-De Anza Board)

  • Naomi Nakano-Matsumoto (Trustee, Fremont Union High School District)

  • Bill Wilson (Trustee, Fremont Union High School District)

  • Alysa Cisneros (Board Member, De Anza Commission)

  • Hung Wei (Trustee* Fremont Union High School District)


Other Leaders

  • Rob McCoy (Public Safety Commissioner*—Cupertino)

  • Judy Wilson (Parks & Recreation Commissioner—Cupertino)

  • Justin Lardinois (Planning Commissioner—San Jose)

  • Monica Mallon (Founder of Turnout4transit)

  • Richard Mehlinger (Chair of Livable Sunnyvale)
  • Lam Nguyen (Orchard City Indivisible)


Walking, Biking, and Transit Leaders

  • Jennifer Shearin (Bicycle-Pedestrian Commissioner*—Cupertino)

  • Erik Lindskog (Bicycle-Pedestrian Commissioner—Cupertino)

  • Seema Lindskog (Walk/Bike Leader)

  • Vignesh Swaminathan (Sustainability Commissioner—Cupertino)

  • Anne Ng (Cupertino resident and bicycle advocate)

  • Tim Oey (bicycle advocate) 


Housing Leaders

  • David Fung (Planning Commissioner—Cupertino)

  • Alan Takahashi (Planning Commissioner—Cupertino)

  • Donna Austin (Planning Commissioner*, Cupertino Historical Society Board Member)

  • Geoff Paulsen (Planning Commissioner*—Cupertino)

  • Nina Daruwalla (Housing Commissioner*, Public Safety Commissioner*)

  • Connie Cunningham (Housing Commissioner—Cupertino)

  • John Zhao (Housing Commissioner*—Cupertino)

  • Neil Park-McClintick (Chair of Cupertino for All, Young Housing Advocate)

  • Justin Li (Founder of Tino Students for Housing, Young Housing Advocate)

  • Troy Alterman (280 Houseless Encampment Leader)

  • Genevieve Kolar (Founder of FUHSD Students for Housing, Young Housing Advocate)

  • Jean Bedord (Founder of Cupertino Matters, Housing Advocate)

  • Kriti Garg (Young Housing Advocate)

  • Eric Crouch (Young Housing Advocate)

Local officials

  • Lucas Ramirez (Councilmember—City of Mountain View)
  • Chris Clark (City Councilmember—City of Mountain View)
  • Nancy Smith (Councilmember—City of Sunnyvale)
  • Glenn Hendricks (Councilmember—City of Sunnyvale)
  • Gustav Larsson (Councilmember—City of Sunnyvale)
  • Sergio Jimenez (Councilmember—City of San Jose)
  • Rigel Robinson (Councilmember—City of Berkeley) 
  • Lori Droste (Councilmember—City of Berkeley)
  • John Bauters (Councilmember—City of Emeryville)
  • Adam Buchbinder (Planning Commissioner*, Campbell
  • Evan Adams (Planning Commissioner, Foster City)
  • Adrian Fine (Mayor—City of Palo Alto)
  • Larry Klein (Mayor—City of Sunnyvale)
  • Margaret Abe-Koga (Mayor—City of Mountain View)
  • Susan Ellenberg (Supervisor—Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors)
  • Ken Yeager (Supervisor*—Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors) 
  • Chappie Jones (Vice Mayor—San Jose)
  • Ellen Kamei (Vice Mayor—Mountain View)

NOTE: * indicates former official/title  Titles for ID Purposes ONLY


  • South Bay Labor Council (SBLC) ; the largest union advocacy organization in Silicon Valley

  • Santa Clara County Democratic Party; central committee for the Democratic Party of the County

  • IBEW Local 332 ;  union for highly skilled electrical workers in Santa Clara County, California

  •  IFPTE Local 21 ; union for highly trained professional and technical employees dedicated to improving governmental services and operations in Cupertino, and the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Mercury News; largest news distributor in the San Jose Bay Area

  • Cupertino Chamber of Commerce; non-profit representing many businesses in Cupertino.

  • League of Conservation Voters (Santa Clara County); environmental organization focused on sustainability. 

  • Silicon Valley Democratic Club progressive organization dedicated to informing voters, encouraging citizen involvement in the political process, promoting Democratic Party values & candidates, and much more.

  • Santa Clara County Democratic Party; official chapter of the party for the county.

  • Silicon Valley Young Democrats ; a chapter of California Young Democrats for young members of the Democratic Party

  • Peninsula Young Democrats ; a chapter of California Young Democrats for your members of the Democratic Party.

  • Silicon Valley Stonewall Democrats ; local chapter for the nation’s first LGBTQ+. feminist, and progressive political group. Established in 1975.
  • Santa Clara High County High School Democrats of America ; youth organization in Santa Clara County
  • Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club – Founded to unify and empower the Asian Pacific American (APA) communities; ensure fair representation of the APA’s interests; and educate and promote political participation.
  • Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS ;  the professional association for over 4,000 REALTORS® serving more than 20 communities throughout Silicon Valley
  • Cupertino for All ; housing and transportation advocacy groupH

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